Friday, June 25, 2010

Communications Business Plan Design

   In my Principles Of Communications class, our group final was to create a whole business plan and portfolio to "present" to investors.  As an Animator, my "position" was Technology and design, so I handled all the hardware/software as well as creating a mock-up design of the business.  Our business was a new branch of Starbucks, that was music oriented; where each customer got their own multimedia entertainment device to use.
     These images are a rough model of what the store would look like.  I created a basic feel of what the store would look like, and what would be inside.  I didn't go too detailed and specific with the modeling and texturing, just because we only needed a general concept design to present.  All of the modeling, texturing, and lighting were done in Autodesk Maya, and the rendering was done in Mental Ray.
   I may decide to go back into it at a later time, to add more detail and clean it up a bit and make it more professional looking. 

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